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As our world changes with lightning speed, questions seem to multiply and confound, with answers seeming way out of reach, even given the mightiest search engine. In this contemporary, highly interesting book, the author, a dynamic educator and scholar, pulls together fascinating data to give much-needed perspective on Judaism, on life, and on the world in which we live. Weaving together psychology, science, and philosophy, this book is a life-raft for those struggling in churning, confusing waters; an anchor to restore and keep our faith as the gradual light of dawning awareness begins to shine through these well-crafted pages.

“Is there any scientific evidence for the existence of G-d?"

"God knows everything, including every move I make. Yet I have free will. How can the two co-exist?"

"If God is good and we are His chosen nation, how can we understand the Holocaust?"

“Does there really need to be absolute morality?”

"If the Torah came from God, where does the Talmud fit into the scheme of things? Isn't God's word enough?


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The all new bestseller from Rabbi Yitzchok Fingerer - Search Judaism






A book that is both fascinating and fundamental, Search Judaism is for the thinking, searching Jew — for anyone intent on finding big answers to big questions.  --American Jewish Spirit Magazine (

A fascinating, informative and stimulating book.’s Shabbat Shalom Weekly (the most popular electronic weekly in the Jewish world with over 300,000 readers)    

This compelling and powerful page turner will keep the reader transfixed on a trajectory of personal and collective self-discovery. -- Arutz Sheva book review  

I had so many questions about life and did not realize that Judaism has all the answers. This book was a tremendous eye-opener to me. It is written based on methodically researched science, which was reassuring to me as I know that it wasn't based on a biased opinion. It covered almost any possible topic, one can think of, and is written in a fun and engaging manner. Whether you need insight into current events (it's amazing how Judaism has so much to say about contemporary global events), are bothered about the religious implications about evolution and bio-psychology, or need direction on leading a happier and more fulfilled life, this is the book to read! -- from a review on  

A scrupulously researched repository of exceptionally enlightening information. 
--- book review 

I highly recommend this book. It is fascinating.
--- Stephen Savitsky, President, O.U.

One of the most important books written...
--- Gavriel Sanders, former evangelical minister turned observant Jew; famed radio commentator and speaker.

I rarely review books here...Occasionally, however, a book is published that I feel can be of such great use to many of our mentors that I make an exception.
Rabbi Elazar Meisels, Educational Director, Partners-in Torah (published in Mentor Talk)

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